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Basic Planning For Export Business in India

There are several methods to evaluate the export potential of a company. Do examine the success of a product in domestic market. It is believed that if the products has survived in the domestic market, there is a good chance that it will also be successful in international market, at least those where similar needs and conditions exist. And if a product has unique features and hard to duplicate abroad, then it is likely that you will be successful overseas. A unique product may have little competition and demand for it might be quite high.

Some DO's & Dont's of Export Planning

  • DO ensure your key staff members are ‘signed on’ to the Plan.
  • DO seek good advice – and test your Export Plan with advisers.
  • DON’T create a bulky document that remains static.
  • DO review the Export Plan regularly with your staff and advisers.
  • DO assign responsibility to staff for individual tasks.
  • DON’T use unrealistic timelines. Review them regularly – they often slip.
  • DO create scenarios for changed circumstances – look at the “what ifs” for changes in the market environment from minor to major shifts in settings. e.g. changes of government, new import taxes.
  • DO develop an integrated timeline that draws together the activities that make up the Export Plan.
  • DO make sure that you have the human and financial resources necessary to execute the Export Plan. Ensure existing customers are not neglected.

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