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Import of Scrap and Waste Products to India

Under the Exim Policy 2002-2007, following list of items are allowed to import in India without any license or certificate.
  1. Any form of metallic waste, scrap or any defective item which is far below their original price.
  2. Any material that does not contain any kind of hazardous waste or radioactive element in it.
  3. Waste paper material.
  4. Woolen Rags or shoddy wool in completely mutilated form.
  5. PET bottle waste.
  6. Import of any kind of old ships, which are now not in use can also be done in India under the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Shipping.
For the import of metal scrap, from a country involve in any kind of war or rebellion activities, following documents are required from the exporters side.
  1. Pre-shipment inspection certificate from a reputed inspection or certification agencies as mentioned in the Handbook of Procedure Volume-1 to the effect that
    1. The consignment does not contain any type of arms and ammunition or radioactive waste.
    2. Imported item must be a metallic waste or scrap as per internationally defined parameters.
  2. Contract agreement between the importer and the exporter does not contain any kind of arms, ammunition, mines, shells, cartridges, radioactive waste or any other explosive material in any form.

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